LOST Soul: Chapter Three – Kolme

Chapter Three –  Kolme
Written by: Sese Ramirez


“Here y’all listen.”

 “Hear their scream and the blood thickens.”

 “Burn they say burn. Burn you all witches.”

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The scene looks like it came from a horror movie. Blood is everywhere in the room, from the walls and on the floor and on the middle of the room is a burnt body. A burnt woman’s body to be in fact.

Officer Everett Winston looks at the scene muttering, “What the fucking hell.”

“Indeed.” His partner Officer Leidon Moore replied stepping up to his side. They look at each other and know what they are looking it at. They are looking at the latest victim of the Witch Hunter Serial Killer.

This is the 4th victim in the span of 2 weeks. All victims were female, in their mid-twenties. All victims shared the same body-type, medium build, red-heads and all work night-shift. They were all killed in their homes. Skinned alive and burned post-mortem, the killer also paints the whole room with the victim’s blood. Upon the 2nd victim, the media dubbed him Witch Hunter because of his signature of burning his victims which was done during the Salem witch trials.

“Alina McArthur, 25 years old. She works as a nurse in a nursing home not far.” Leidon replied as the coroner bags the body.

Winston grits his teeth and said, “God, we need to catch this motherfucker. “

Leidon nods his head in agreement and replied, “We need to know who he is targeting next.”

Lirika stares at the four black feathers in her hand. She looks at them lividly. All of them died a horrible and mortifying death. She can’t send them to be at peace. The souls are very angry and they all cry for revenge.

“Be wary Lirika. Your assignment today is dangerous than normal.” The voice of the Angel of Death said.

“I see it’s one of those.” Lirika replied.

“Before you reap, I will send someone to protect you.”

 “How dangerous is this?” Lirika asks looking concerned.

“It will hurt you.”  The voice exclaimed.

Lirika then whispered, “Mark of the Deceased! Chicol come forth and guard.” With that, Lirika’s tattoo took shape of a tall man with long black hair and red glowing eyes.

“For you to call me in the shape of a man, this assignment spells trouble.” Chicol replied. Lirika looks at him and said, “Indeed.”

Winston pulls a rubber band and pulls his silver-blond hair into a high ponytail. He looks at the white board filled with photos and writings about the Witch Hunter Serial Killer case with utter concentration.

“There way too many red-head women who work at night shift to be a target.” Leidon replied. He had his hands on his hips and sighed. The case is getting way out of hand.

“That is true Leidon, but we know the unsub’s delusion revolves around red heads who are medium built and all of the work night shift. The first victim works in a call center, the 2nd victim worked in 24 hour convenience store. The 3rd and 4th victims were nurses.” Winston replied pointing at the board.

Leidon sighs and said, “And all of them were murdered in their homes. The question how does he gets into their homes? How does he choose them?”

“I believe he stalks them. That’s why the 2 weeks time period of the kills. What does that say about our unsub?” Winston replied. “He is very meticulous Leidon. The mere fact there was no forced entry, he is the type of person who these girls can trust and doesn’t look like a potential murderer. He looks normal like us.”

Winston takes a chair and sat on it and said, “As I look where the victims live, this area is his comfort zone. I also believe that the killer sees someone who has hurt him or probably abused him in the past to kill these women in that manner.”

“He sees them as witches.” Leidon said,

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“Yes. We need to find out who these women represents. I believe she is still living.” Winston replied.

“Why do you think so Win?” Leidon ask.

Winston looks at his partner and said, “Because, she is someone he doesn’t dare to hurt or couldn’t hurt so he takes it out on these women who he sees as substitute.”

“So if you are the killer Win, who is that, someone you cannot hurt so you look for substitutes?” Leidon points out.

“My mother.” Winston replied.

“The killer lives here.” Chicol replied sniffing the air. Lirika clutches her stomach and said, “Yes. I can smell the stench of his soul.”

Chicol frowns and said, “This is bad Lirika. His soul stench too much. Too much evil. The type of soul that Hell would want.”

A door opens and a figure went in. Lirika and Chicol watches this person seat down on the bed and starts whispering, “Burn them witches, burn them witches, burn, burn, burn!”

Lirika knelt down in front of the figure. It’s a male. He has a build enough to overpower a woman. His clothes are still tainted with his latest victim’s blood. He is still muttering as Lirika observes him.

“Erase the blood of him; you will never think he would do such a thing.” Lirika replied. She then frowns when she sees a black aura seeping through the back. She stands up and steps backward. She points at it and said, “Do you see that Chicol?”

Chicol then steps forward in front of Lirika, seemingly shielding her from that black aura that is growing and growing by the second. His eyes glowed and said, “This is worst than I thought.”

“The evil in his soul is too great.”  Lirika replied clutching Chicol’s arm from behind.

“He is right to send someone to protect you before the reaping. It will be dangerous for you.” Chicol replied forming a shield around them. “This will protect you for awhile since it’s still inside a mortal shell but once it’s out, it will not be enough.”

Lirika nods her head.

Tainted Souls. They are very dangerous to Lost Souls when they reap them. These are the souls of mortals who have done despicable things when they are alive, like murder.  Tainted Souls are very dangerous because they can fight back and hurt a Lost Soul. There are cases of Lost Souls getting hurt because of a Tainted Soul. In dealing with Tainted Souls, a Lost Soul must be assisted by an Angel.

Angels are far more powerful in reaping a Tainted Soul because they are holy beings from God. As Lost Souls, they are still spirits of the living who is doing the bidding of the Angel of Death before they transcend to heaven.

Lirika is one of the few Lost Souls who can command a Leidon of the Deceased to protect them in dealing with a Tainted Soul.

“This assignment sucks. I really don’t like this a lot.” Chicol muttered. Lirika merely stares at the person sitting on the bed and said nothing.

“Catherine Caulson, 67 years of age. She is currently in the nursing home where our 4th victim works.” Leidon replied showing the file to Winston.

Winston stares at his partner and said, “Wow, you are fast.”

“I have my ways.” Leidon replied winking at him.

“Hmmm do I dare ask?” Winston remarked smiling deviously at him. Leidon chuckles and said, “It’s not what you are thinking Win. I did pull some favors but not like that.”

Winston laughs a bit saying, “I know, just teasing you Leidon.”

“I checked Mrs. Caulson out and she was a red-head and guess what?  She worked as a paid escort before and she has a son who is working as a salesman.” Leidon replied, pointing to a section in the file.

“Former red-head and a former paid escort. She fits the description of a mother a son would hate. All bets, that the son saw her escort work and we all know, women who works in those kind of industry are often labelled a witch.” Winston replied.

Leidon picks up a photo of a man in his thirties. He has red-brown hair, black eyes and has freckles all over his cheeks. He sticks it to the board and puts a label that says: SUSPECT.

“Jordan Caulson. 34 years old. He works as a salesman for a medical company.” Leidon replied. “I can see his connection with the 4th victim because she is working at the nursing home her mother is staying at, but how about the rest?”

Winston smiles and said, “First victim works for the medical company Jordan works for. They have a customer care service for the products they sell. The convenience store that the 2nd victim works at is just one block away from the nursing home. The 3rd victim is a nurse who works in the hospital near Jordan’s company.”

Leidon gives Winston a look and said, “Wow, this is the reason why I love to pick your brain Win. You connect the dots really fast.”

“Nah, I just research a lot, just like you.” Winston replied winking at Leidon. He then takes one more look at the file that Leidon gave him and said, “Mrs. Caulson is suffering from Alzheimer.”

Leidon nods his head, “Yes, so questioning about her son is gonna be impossible but that could be Jordan’s trigger.”

“You are absolutely correct.” Winston replied. He grabs his jacket and said, “Come on, lets pay Mrs. Caulson a visit.”

“Not Jordan?” Leidon ask.

Winston hands Leidon his blazer and said, “I want to know more about Mrs. Caulson and the probability of knowing his next victim might be there too. That area is his comfort zone.”

She looks at the old lady looking at the TV but not really watching.  The old lady has this long gray hair loosely cascading down her shoulders. She has soft black eyes seemingly lost out there.

Lirika smiles at the old lady. The old lady turns her head slowly at her and said, “Hello pretty lady.”

“Hello. You are very sick.” Lirika points out.

“I am but its okay.” The old lady replied.

Lirika then noticed a pair of men entering the area. She knows them and seeing them here, she knew that the reaping will start sooner than she expected.

The two men are accompanied by a nurse who points to the old lady seating in front of the TV. The same old lady that Lirika was talking to awhile ago. One of the men, who has this short black hair and brown eyes approaches the old lady saying, “Mrs. Catherine Caulson? The name is Leidon Moore, I am an officer.”

The old lady, Catherine Caulson didn’t budge. The nurse replied, “She doesn’t respond to her name. Most of the time she doesn’t respond at all.”

Winston, now standing beside Leidon and said, “As we thought, we won’t get much from her.”

“Has her son visited her mother recently? Jordan Caulson.” Leidon asks the nurse.

The nurse smiles and said, “Mr. Jordan just visited the other day. He usually visits once a week.”

“What can you say about Jordan Caulson?” Winston asks. The nurse shrugs and said, “Not so much. He talks to his mother but his mother never talks back. He doesn’t seem to be a happy man. Every time he visits his mother here he has this disappointed look on his face. Kind of hard to accept that your own mother cannot remember you, won’t even speak to you.”

Winston looks at Leidon and said, “There you have it.”

“It is definitely the trigger. Somewhere in his childhood, he felt abandoned by his mother because of her work, as he was growing up he probably got teased and bullied because of her mother.” Leidon replied looking at Mrs. Caulson.

Winston nod his head and replied, “A point in time, her mother stops being an escort and Jordan had his mother again but now, his mother is sick with Alzheimer, he feels abandoned again.”

He then kneels down in front of Mrs. Caulson and then noticed that a woman, talking to an elderly man. She has short red-brown hair.

“Who is she?” Winston asks.

“Oh that’s Kandy Peterson. She visits her grandfather once a week too. I think she and Jordan has something because they went out on a date one time.”

Leidon frowns and said, “They what? When did this happen?”

“A week ago. Though, they had the date during the morning since Kandy works as a waitress at the diner. You see she works at night.” The nurse replied candidly.

Leidon and Winston looks at each other. They finally know who the possible next victim is. Winston stands up and nods his head at Leidon. He then approaches the young woman who is about to leave the room.

Kandy Peterson looks taken a back when Winston stops her on her tracks. Winston introduced himself and Leidon to Kandy and asked if they can talk to her in private. Kandy at first was very hesitant. She doesn’t really like dealing with the police but when the black haired police said that she is in danger, she had to say yes.

As Kandy, Winston and Leidon leaves the room, Lirika takes the opportunity to talk to Mrs. Caulson once more.

“Your son… he is going to die soon too.” Lirika replied.

Mrs. Caulson nods her head and said, “That poor, poor boy. It’s my fault why he became a monster.”

Lirika pats the old woman’s hand and said, “You did your best as a mother.”

Mrs. Caulson nods her head and said, “That poor, poor boy. It’s my fault why he became a monster.”

Lirika pats the old woman’s hand and said, “You did your best as a mother.”

“Not enough… not enough…” Mrs. Caulson replied looking weary. She then looks at Lirika and whispers, “If you have come to get me, now it’s the time.”
Lirika shakes her head and said, “I’m sorry Mrs. Caulson. It’s not your time yet.”

“So you are just waiting.” Mrs. Caulson said.

“Yes. I am.” Lirika replied as she stands up and disappears.

Chicol scratches his head as he looks at the mother and son photographs on the desk in the living room. Photos of a smiling boy and a smiling mother. Looking at the photos, you will not expect that they are a dysfunctional family.

“Mortals are very confusing beings.” Chicol remarked looking at Lirika. Lirika raised an eyebrow at him and said, “I rather say complex.”

Chicol rolled his eyes and said, “Fine, fine. Complex.”

“It’s really difficult to comprehend why mortals are complex. This is what happened when you are given a will. To choose, to make decisions.” Lirika replied. “Jordan chooses to be a monster. He lost control of things in his life.”

“It’s almost time for him. Can’t believe he is dying first than his old ma.” Chicol replied shaking his head. “The old woman doesn’t deserve to die last. At least she could be at peace before his son goes to Hell.”

Lirika sighs and said, “I don’t think she will be at peace Chicol. That’s another black feather.” This made Chicol frown but said nothing. They both heard footsteps going down the stairs. They see Jordan, all dressed up and looking fresh. He didn’t look deranged like the last time they saw him.

“Is he…” Chicol said.

“Yes…” Lirika replied as Jordan takes his phone and starts texting someone.

Kandy bit her lower lip as she arranges her blouse. She can’t believe she actually agreed to do this. She actually agreed to be the bait which is a crazy thing to do. She is the target, a potential victim or could be the victim.

“Fuck. Just Fuck. Kandy can’t believe you are doing this.” She muttered to herself. She sighs and remembered what Winston and Leidon told him. She was in so much shock that she cancelled work that day. Jordan, the Witch Hunter Serial Killer.

That serial killer that killed four women, those four women who shares the same quality as her. Red head, medium-build and works night shift.

“I knew I should have bleached my hair, god damn it.” She exclaims to no one.

While she was mulling over, Lirika and Chicol was at her living room waiting. Chicol is seating on the couch while Lirika is pacing back and forth. Lirika looks very nervous and Chicol could sense her tension.

“Lirika, you need to chill. He will come soon.” Chicol replied pointedly.

“I know. I can’t help but to feel worried. Tainted Souls are difficult to deal with and you know, I rather deal with souls dying tragically but a Tainted Soul?” Lirika replied stopping in front of Chicol.

Chicol stands up placing a hand on Lirika and said, “It will be okay, it will be okay.”

“Of course it will.”

Lirika and Chicol turns their head towards the window in the living room and sees an Angel standing there. He has this bluish white wings, long blonde hair and his eyes are crystal aqua in color. Lirika smiles upon seeing him.

“Nuriel! It is you that He sends?” Lirika exclaimed as the Angel walks towards them. Nuriel gives Lirika a smile. Lirika is one of his favorite Lost Souls. He finds the ram-horned being very endearing. She treats her assignments as if they are special and try to make their passing bearable.

He looks at Chicol and said, “Ah, you placed a shield over Lirika.”

“I had to Nuriel. This Tainted Soul is very nasty.” Chicol replied.

Nuriel takes out his sword and said, “All Tainted Souls are nasty.”

“This one is different. So much hate and anger. The vessel, Jordan Caulson has done horrible things on these souls I just reaped. So horrible Nuriel.” Lirika replied. She shows Nuriel the four black feathers and said, “They cry so much. They wont allow me to set them at peace.”

Nuriel nods his head. “The souls of serial killers are usually the worst among Tainted Souls. This one, is he possesed?”

“A bit. His black aura is seeping out and it gives this awful feeling.” Lirika replied.

Nuriel then stares at the door and said, “It’s time.”

The doorbell chimes and hear someone calls her name. Kandy takes a deep breathe. It’s Jordan.

“Stay calm Kandy. We are listening and watching. You will be fine.” she hears Winston voice on the ear piece on her right ear.

Kandy walks towards her door and slowly opens it. On the other side, is Jordan Caulson who is holding a single rose in his hand. As Jordan sees her, he hands her the rose. Kandy nervously smiles and takes the rose.

“Next time, I’ll get you a bouquet.” Jordan exclaims as Kandy allows him in her room.

“Ahahaha haha… Thanks Jordan. Anyway, hope you like takeout. I had no time to cook today, sorry.” Kandy replied walking pass Jordan.

Jordan seats down on the couch saying, “I’m cool with takeout.”

Kandy places the rose on a desk. She faces Jordan, she could hear her heart beating loudly, she could it in her ears. She hopes that Jordan could not hear it.

“Oh god, I’m face to face with a serial killer.” Kandy thought.

“You look troubled Kandy. Are you okay?” Jordan ask.

Kandy smiles a bit and said, “Yeah, just tired. It’s been a long day.”

“You visited your grandfather today?” Jordan ask.

“Um, yeah. He is good. I also saw your mom. She looks very weak already. I over hear the nurses that she is very sick.” Kandy replied.

Jordan fidgets a bit upon the mention of his mother. Kandy notice this and pushes on as planned, “She spoke today. Actually, she talked a bit to me. I was very surprise because never talks right?”

“She talked to you?” Jordan ask, his eyes growing big.

“Yeah… she even touch my hand and said I was pretty.” Kandy replied. She forces herself to smile further and said, “Your mother is such a flatterer.”

Jordan clenched his fists and muttered, “Of course she is.”

“Too bad you were not there, maybe next time you visit, she will talk again.” Kandy replied looking at Jordan’s clenched fist.

“Keep going Kandy, you are doing well.” Winston replied over the ear piece.

Kandy turns her back against Jordan and said, “By the way, I heard from the nurses that your mother used to work as an escort. It must be tough to have a mother like that. I would know, my mom during her younger years, she worked in that kind of industry.”

She faces Jordan now, she gulps as she sees Jordan on his feet and staring at her intently. His gaze is kind of insidious and she could feel her the hairs on her back standing up.

“Your mother was a whore.” Jordan whispered under his breathe

“I’m sorry what?”

Jordan lunges at her grabbing her by the throat saying, “Your mother was a whore you witch!”

Kandy felt herself getting shoved into the wall. She grabs Jordan’s hands that are now wrapped around her neck exclaiming, “J-Jordan! S-stop! Ack… ack…”

“You witch! You witch! You witch!” Jordan exclaimed tightening his grip on Kandy’s throat. Kandy’s arms flail around, hitting Jordan on the shoulder, trying to get the man off her but to no avail.

A loud bang was heard. On the corner of her eye, Kandy sees Winston, Leidon and another police officer barging in their guns pointed at Jordan.

“Jordan Caulson! You are under arrest!” Leidon exclaimed.

“Fuck off!” Jordan exclaimed, in one move, Jordan had Kandy in front of him, with a knife he procured from his back. He points the knife at Kandy’s neck screaming, “Fuck off!”

He then raised his hand ready to strike Kandy with the knife but Winston pulls his trigger and shot him straight in the head. Kandy screamed as this happened. She kneels down her hands covering her face sobbing. Leidon approached her saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay. You are safe now.”

Winton approached Jordan’s body lying on the floor in his own blood and checked for pulse. Jordan Caulson, the Witch Hunter Serial Killer is officially dead.

Lirika takes a step back. The black aura seeping out of Jordan’s body is thrice bigger than the last time she saw it. She looks at Chicol and said, “Leidon of the Deceased, Chicol, do my bidding and reap!”


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Chicol’s body glowed and he took the form of a butterfly and went inside the mortal body of Jordan. As he did this, the shield surrounding Lirika disappears; the black aura suddenly moved in an aggressive manner and attacked Lirika.

 Nurial steps in front of Lirika saying, “Come not forth you evil being!” with that he slashed through the black aura. The aura dissipates and the ghoulish soul of Jordan appeared before them.

“Jordan Caulson you are to be punished for what you have done when you have been living.” Lirika replied.

Jordan snarled and screamed, “NO!” he is about to attack but Nuriel raised his sword at him and said, “Tainted Soul, I command you in the name of God, stay down!”

A light appeared from the sword causing Jordan to scream in pain.

“Do it now Lirika!” Nuriel ordered.

Lirika raised her hand and said, “Your soul is mine to keep, waiting for it for mine to reap!” as she this, Nuriel strike his sword at Jordan. Jordan felt the sword piercing him and he screamed.

“You will be in Hell and in forever you will be in torment. That is your punishment.” Lirika replied as Jordan’s soul morphed into a black orb. She then whispered, “The deed is done, return Chicol.”

 From the lifeless body of Jordan, Chicol emerged in his human form. He made a shivering movement and said, “Ugh nasty. Why do they have to be nasty?”

Nuriel grabs the black orb and said, “Well done Chicol and Lirika. I will have this Tainted Soul delivered to the gates of Hell.”


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“Nuriel, please do me a favor…” Lirika replied as she takes out four black feathers. “Please, I know they will be at peace now that their killer is going to Hell but to have an extra blessing will not hurt. To die such a horrible way… they did not deserve that.”

Nuriel smiles at her. He knew she will ask of him this. Dear, dear Lirika, always a kind Lost Soul especially to those who passed away horribly. He places his hand over the feathers and said, “In the name of God, to you who died so unexpected and tragic, be at peace… be at peace…”

To Lirika’s delight, the feathers’ colors turned brown. It’s the best that it can be, granted the circumstances. She bowed down in thanks to Nuriel. The Angel bowed down in return and flies away.

“Such a charming Angel, that Nuriel.” Chicol replied. Lirika waves her hand at Chicol and transforms him back into a tattoo. She then stares at Kandy who has calmed down and now is being led away by Winston and Leidon out of the room. Lirika gives the room one more look and thought, “May peace be with everyone after this ordeal.”

The Witch Hunter Serial Killer case is finally closed. Done. Now they can move on to another case. It was never easy being an investigator. Winston closed his computer. He has finally finished writing his report. It was goddamned awfully long report. Right now he just want to go home, take a long hot shower and cuddle with his boyfriend.

“You done Win?” the said boyfriend who is also his partner Leidon ask.

Leidon sat down beside him and said, “God, I’m exhausted.”

“Yeah me too.” Winston replied looking at Leidon. He slowly intertwines his pinky around Leidon’s pinky and said, “Just wanna go home now.”

Leidon smiles at him. He knows this gesture very well. “Then let’s go.” he whispered giving Winston a look. Leidon then hands Winston his jacket. Winston accepts it and said, “Come on, let’s go home.”

“By the way, you visiting Anda’s grave this weekend?” Leidon ask.

“Oh yeah. It’s her death anniversary this weekend.” Winston replied as he walks alongside Leidon out of their office. Winston sighed and said, “We were so busy with the case and I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me Leidon.”

Leidon puts his arm around Winston and said, “No problem.”

Mrs. Caulson sees Lirika standing before her. She smiles at her and said, “You are back.”

“Yes. Mrs. Caulson.” Lirika replied.

“My Jordan is dead.” Mrs. Caulson replied with certain sadness in her voice.

Lirika looks down and said, “I am sorry Mrs. Caulson.”

Mrs. Caulson looks outside and whispers, “It’s my fault why that boy became who he is. My poor, poor boy.”

Lirika kneels down and said, “It’s time Mrs. Caulson.”

“My boy… is he in Hell?” the old lady asks. Lirika could only nod her head. She could not lie to the dying. Never had she lied to someone dying. It’s against her code.

Mrs. Caulson once again gives her a look and said, “I’m ready.”

Lirika caressed Mrs. Caulson’s face and said, “It will be all right Mrs. Caulson. You won’t feel a thing.” With that the old lady closed her eyes.

When the nurse arrives, Mrs. Catherine Caulson has passed away. Lirika with her opened clear plastic umbrella walks away from the nursing home with a black feather in her hand. Another soul she reaped. A very unhappy one, like the rest.

“There will always be a chance to reap a happy one Lirika.”

“I hope so” Lirika replied,

The voice chuckles and said, “Believe Lirika. Have faith.”

Lirika stops in her tracks and stares at the people walking pass. Believe. Faith. She looks up the sky and said, “I do have faith… I do.”

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“Die witches, die”

“Burn on the stakes as I dine”

“Your blood is mine.”

Be one of the stars