My Anxiety

It’s been awhile since I made a spoken word like this. I’ve been struggling with high anxiety last week of June. I’m bit okay now. I’m still functioning well but it sucks.

My anxiety doubles up the problems I experience as a bi-polar. There will be times that I am hypermanic but the anxiety is there and it contradicts so many things. Anxiety is bitch, I can tell you that. It’s a bitch. I fight it everyday. So here is a spoken word piece from me.



My Anxiety
By| Sese Ramirez

My anxiety is not me
My anxiety does not define me
My anxiety lies to me. Constantly.
My anxiety is my personal demon.

My anxiety is the one I battle everyday.
My anxiety is the one that turns me into a horrible person to some.
And I am sorry. It’s not a valid reason to be an asshole.
I am sorry. Please believe I am trying.
I am really trying.

My anxiety makes me avoid friends and loved one and trust them.
Please. Please don’t. Please don’t allow me.
I love you all. But sometimes it’s just so much. It’s all too much.
Please don’t stop believing in me.
Please don’t leave me. Please, stand by me.

My anxiety is not me.
My anxiety does not define me.
My anxiety lies constantly to me.
My anxiety… my anxiety…

That I will not allow to defeat me.
That I will not allow to destroy me.
I am not broken.
I do not need to be fixed.
I am loved.
I am special.
I am Me.
I am not my ANXIETY

Be one of the stars