Master of Anki

FINALLY! I managed to blog about this. This is like a super mega backlog. Well because I thought this costume / character deserved another shoot. Only this year I managed to re-shoot this character

This is Shiro Yoshiwara from the manga Adekan. He is MALE that for some reason is very feminine in features. He is a fun character to cosplay. His posings and interactions with other characters in the manga were borderline lewd or lewd AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The character has NO SHAME whatsowhatever.

I had to shoot in a hotel because errrr yeah. I also have to open bind my non existent bewbs because JUST LOOK AT THE COSTUME. JFC! This is some costume I will never be confident enough to cosplay in a convention.

Costume was made by Art of Ian Cartalaba and I made the accessories. The daggers/knives were made by Clawsmith.

In the first shoot, I paired up with RUI and Kanon and in the second shoot, I went solo. You might notice some differences because I did some upgrades in the second shoot.

Thanks to the photographers and the assists who made this shoot possible! You can view more photos below:

I made a video compilation of this cosplay too.


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