Syaoran x Sakura (TRC)

It’s been awhile since I did a blog about cosplay. Today, I will be talking about the pair cosplay that Nekomi Kasai (my twinnie and bff) and I for Cosplay Mania around 2 years ago?. I can’t remember the year, sorry!

I remember buying the wrong wig for this cosplay and it looked awful.

I didn’t like it when I cosed him for Cosplaymania. So during the shoot, I used a different wig. It was an old wig of mine but darker in color but it worked well compared to the first one (points above).

The white jeans I am wearing is just plain white jeans I bought from Uniqlo. It’s really comfy to wear and the shoes I got from H&M and I got it on a sale. Lucky meeee…. It’s my fave boots despite being white to be honest.

The inner top and coat were all same fabric and I glued the black bias using UHU Glue. The accessories were made by Eurenice. I really love it. So perfect!

I really enjoyed shooting this with my twinnie especially cosing it with her. It’s always amazing working with my twinnie because it’s a delightful and fun. For more photos please look at the gallery below and the video.

Super thanks to our photographers. Thanks for making us look so awesome. Props to Bri Rodelas, A Page Without Words & Sherwin Medina. To Vera Studios thanks for accommodating us.

Be one of the stars