Fantasy Quest II: Just Around the Corner

Fantasy Quest is here once again. Fantasy Quest II: The Saga Continues will be held at Fernwood Gardens in Cenacle Drive, Quezon City this coming AUGUST 19, 2012. Yes you heard that right, the event is this coming sunday already.

So are you ready for it?

Ever since this event was announced months ago, I’ve been planning and sewing my costume for it.

Last year the event was held in Fernbrook Gardens and now it will be held in Fernwood. So what to expect from the event?

Yuegene Fay as Sebastian Michaellis
Taken from her DA / Photo by Jameskiller

Famous international cosplayer Yuegene will be back as FQII’s guest of honor. I’m really excited to see and meet her again.

I’ve been of fan of Yuegene since I don’t know when. I stumbled upon her account in Deviant Art and the rest is history. I am fan of her DOD Ducan, Sebastian Michaellis and Boris cosplay.

It’s not just Yuegene who is coming for FQ. Friends from Singapore and Malaysia will also be attending Fantasy Quest II.

If you remember Viospace and Kaika, they would be attending the event too. A friend from Malaysia namely Lavena would be attending too. I can’t wait to see all of them again. Last time I saw Vio and Kaika was during my short trip to SG last June and now I am gonna see them again. As for Lavena, that was AFA 2011. So weeeee <3

It’s exciting that foreign cosplayers are visiting our cosplay events here. That’s a level-up for us in my opinion.

Kaika as Kyoko from Skip Beat
Photo by Pireze

Like I mentioned, Kaika is coming over. Kaika is a famous cosplay blogger in Singapore and was a Finalist in the Singpore Blog Awards for Best Vlog. For those who are not aware of it, Kaika owns the The Cosplay Chronicle. I enjoy reading her blog articles. So informative and fun. It’s nature is almost similar to Magnetic-Rose.Net.

This is the second time Kaika would be attending a cosplay event in the Philippines. The first one would be Cosplaymania 2011. She and I got to kow each other last AFA 2010, when we both competed for AFA Regional Cosplay Competition.

You might have known her through the live Just Be Friends MV. Yes, she was the Luka cosplayer there.

Fantasy Quest is an event where cosplayers does not even bother to go ramping on the catwalk for a competition. Most of the time cosplayers grabs the opportunity to do photoshoots. This is why a lot of us prepared like 2 to 3 costumes because the venue is just photoshoot worthy. On a regular basis we wont be able to shoot there because renting the place would cost A LOT. So when opportunity arises like this, we grab it like there is no tomorrow.

So guys, have you bought your tickets? Are all costumes ready to go? Cosplay photographers are your cameras ready? Because I have a feeling this year Fantasy Quest will be a real blast 8Db.

See you there!!!

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