Black Forest

Black Vest | YRYS

White Tunic/Vest

Here I am wearing the top I bought from Forest Tale. I love how versatile the top can be. I love it to bits. I am not regretting that I bought this from that aweshop Mori shop.

Jeans | Terranova
Boots | PULP

It was raining horribly that day so I decided to dress up this way. Boots for me are a win whenever it’s rainy season here in the Philippines. Also, not as planned but I was meeting up some friends who decided to hang out the last minute.

Bracelet | The Rusted Trumpeter

As you noticed, I have a new hairstyle. I was inspired by DARA of 2NE1 and had my hair styled like this. The parental units were schocked but my friends and I love it XD

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