Galaxy Diva – Sharon Apple

It’s been awhile since I blogged about cosplay here. To think I started this blog for cosplay, about cosplaying and cosplay events etc. but now it’s more than that.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the change that this blog has underwent. I am here to talk about this Macross cosplay I did.

This is my Sharon Apple Cosplay.

Sharon Apple was not the first Macross Diva I cosplayed. I did Ranka Lee before. Ahahahahahaha yes that green-haired ball of energy Ranka.

She was my first Macross Diva and from her I became Sharon Apple the Diva in Macross Plus.

I’ve always loved Sharon Apple from Macross Plus despite her being a total antagonist in the series. Yep. SPOILER! She was the bad guy. She was also an artificial intelligence. She is like Hatsune Miku but EVIL. Ahahaha.

Sharon Apple managed to take control a Macross City. Like a whole city and that’s a feat. She is one powerful AI that got out of hand. It’s also a fine example of what bad things can happen by giving an AI emotions of their own. So be careful.

This is the first time I made a gown. Usually if the costume is in a gown design like Elsa from Frozen, I have it commissioned because I don’t trust myself to make one but for this I decided to give a try.

Thanks to Nico Nico for helping me with the pattern which I saved for future costumes in this design.

Accessories were made by my dear Eurenice. Thank you so much. It was perfect. As for the wig styling, it was done by Feline en Masse.

I debuted this in a sci-fi / western convention, I forgot what year. We decided to complete the Macross 30 Diva kind of thing.  Yep. There’s a music video of it too actually :3 You can view that video here. It was uploaded on Facebook so it can be viewed there.

My version is like the combination of Sharon Apple from Macross Plus and from the game Macross 30 (Where she is no longer evil LOL).

I had a separate shoot as Sharon Apple which you will see in the gallery and video compilation below.


If you feel lazy looking through the gallery then please go see the compilation video below:

That’s all for today! Til next time!

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