Blue Wonderland

Here is my second OOTD for April. I wore this during the Black Saturday event in our church. I don’t usually dress up so girly and y’all know that but it’s church.

Before you clock me I should dress whatever I want, I do still believe there is time for dressing up in my aesthetic. You know, dress appropriately when it is needed.

So here I am all dressed up for church. Also, this will be the last OOTD that I will be donning this hairstyle. I recently had a haircut and I’m planning to dye it soon.

The top I am wearing is from my twinnie Nekomi Kasai. I bought it off her and I embellished it with blue and clear crystal gems. I can’t remember the brand though. oTL.

The blue skirt I am wearing is formerly a dress that I bought from Petite Monde and I repurposed it into a skirt. I added gems, beads, fake flowers and what nots into it. I called this new skirt Hello Dolly. Lol.

The shoes I’m wearing are loafers from H&M. I have no plans buying these pair however at that time, the sandals I was wearing decided to die on me and I made a quick pass to H&M and grab these pair which was on sale at that time. They’re pretty comfy and good for simple get ups.

That’s all for April y’all!


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