Lamentation of Discord

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I never thought that this spoken word will turn out creepy. It was not my intention at first but THIS happens. Oh well. When I was writing this, it was meant to show how disorganized my thoughts were or what goes through my head whenever I get hit by mania but I promise it’s not creepy as it looks in the spoken word video XD

Words / Concept | Sese Ramirez
Music | Haunted by Purple Planet


Hear me, hear this story. Hear me say, hear what my heart is telling me. What my brain is telling me. Hear me in his moment. Hear everything.

Is this a sad story? Maybe. Happy stories so rare. So rare. That’s what my brain says. My heart agrees. So are you ready for a sad story? Maybe.

What was I saying? I forgot? Oh story! What story? Sad you say? Why not a happy one? Hey heart and brain… What? What? No. Let’s say, let’s say, let’s tell a happy one.

(unintelligible words)

Huh? I lost you there. Uh-uh.

(unintelligible words)

Okay. Story. Story. Maybe I’ll just tell a sad and happy story. Or I’ll just shut up. Everything is fucked up. I can’t think straight.

Am I crazy?
Am I crazy?
Am I crazy?
Am I crazy?

(unintelligible words)

I am not crazy.

Lamentation of Discord from Sese Ramirez on Vimeo.

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