Almost FOREVER21

Come on April! My goal of two OOTD per month is coming through! So this is the first OOTD for the month of April.

I wore this when Nico and I went thrift shopping the other day. I know I’m wearing black here but as you can see it’s a crop top and damn see-through.

As you can see it’s see through and the top is made of of flower lace. It’s not hot to wear I swear! It’s a really cool-to-the-skin type top despite the color. It’s from Forever21 and I bought it on sale.

The ring on my hand is a guard finger ring that I bought from H&M. It’s one of my favorite accessory now. I don’t know why but I super love it.

The pair of shorts I’m wearing is also from Forever21. I don’t usually wear this pair of shorts so often but with hot weather it’s perfect. The tattoo stockings I’m wearing is from Terranova. It’s pretty light to wear and I didn’t sweat a bit while wearing it. As for the boots it’s also from Forever21.

Are you guys digging why I’m calling this look Almost FOREVER21? Hahahaha.

The hat I am wearing (I am not a hat person but I’m turning to like it as a form of accessory especially this summer. I bought it in Divisoria years ago. The bracelets were from Forever21 too.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably have another OOTD soon <3

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