Feel Deeply

It’s been awhile since I wrote a rhyming-poerty and this one is an old one. I’ve done thi like two years ago. Never got a chance to share it to people. I was flipping to my Writing Notebook where I write my poetry and spoken word and stumble upon it and thought, “Hey, this poem needs sharing, like NOW”

So here it is.

Feel Deeply
By | Sese Ramirez

Feel Deeply
Rise and Fall
It rams like a cannon ball

Feel Deeply
Falling down the rabbit hole
You question your self control

Feel Deeply
No silence in your tears
Quieting laughters that you hear

Feel Deeply
Emotions still beneath
Warning! It’s a volcano underneath.

I Feel Deeply.

Feel Deeply from Sese Ramirez on Vimeo.

I’m planning to do more of this kind of spoken poetry. I am trying hard to write poems again. Nowadays, I’m focused on spoken words. Until next time!

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