March. What’s so special about March? Besides the start of summer in the Philippines or a new season of RPDR, March is International Women’s Month or Women’s Month.

In honor of women everywhere, I decided to make a spoken word video.

I dedicate this to all the women in the world, to my fellow women and to the women in my life that has given the strength to be who I am right now. This is for you.


Concept | Words by Sese Ramirez
Special Participation of Es Obscura and Sette Angeles.
Featuring the following women: My mom, sisters, my late grandmother, nieces,
RUI, Nekomi Kasai, Lunaru Vizatrix, Silver & Kai Hiyori.


Who is SHE?
Do you know who SHE is?
Let me tell you.
SHE is the one you looked down to
SHE is the one you disregard
The one you think, you are inferior to.
She is THE ONE.

SHE is the one you called slut and shameful
For dressing up as she wants to, for making a choice
to express herself.
YOU berate her. YOU admonish her. She is THE ONE.

SHE is the one, who continuously  trying to prove her worth.
That SHE stands beside you in an EQUAL MANNER.
That no matter her life choices or what she does…
YOU are nothing less than her but EQUAL.
She is THE ONE.

SHE is the one who thinks she can be someone GREAT like YOU
Someone who can have certification, medals, the honor…

You name it, SHE WANTS IT and SHE WILL GET IT!
SHE is also someone who can earn money just like YOU,
to do things, you think that only you can do.
She is THE ONE.

SHE is the one who cooks, clean, do your laundry,
the one you call your MOM
SHE can be your SISTER, a part of your family.
SHE is also you GRANDMOTHER.
SHE can also be your GIRLFRIEND
Your BAE
She is THE ONE, She is a WOMAN.

The one who still fights for her rights
WE ARE WOMEN and we are not going anywhere

Not today, NOT EVER.


WOMAN from Sese Ramirez on Vimeo.

Until next spoken word <3

Be one of the stars