Summer is Here

Summer is absolutely here in the Philippines. It’s so hot that wearing tank tops, crop tops and shorts are gonna be a staple in my OOTDs. Wearing jeans are still okay as long as my legs can breathe through the jeans.

The top I am wearing is an old top from Forever21. It’s not exactly a favorite top of mine since I don’t usually wear it especially during rainy days but it’s perfect when the summer heat is making me uncomfortable. I love the slogan though. It’s what prompted me to buy it personally.

The super light blue jeans are from H&M. They were very comfy and normally I don’t go for light blue jeans because well me and light colors don’t go well because I have the tendency to get them dirty so quickly. However, I really love this pair of jeans. It’s something different from my usual.

This pair of checkered creepers were bought from Petite Zombie. I don’t usually wear them. They are very light since the material is like canvass. As I said, I don’t usually wear them because of the material. I don’t wanna have this pair to get dirty too easily too.

Yes, that’s a septum ring. A faux septum ring. It’s DIY. Faux septum rings are becoming like a staple accessory for me now. The earrings are pretty old. It’s missing a few skully already. I should be fixing it but I’m toooo lazy. LOL whatever.

That’s my first OOTD for March yo! Until next time!


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