Nothing Better Than Black

Wow. My first OOTD post is quite delayed. I’M SO SORRY. Ahahaah so many things happened. So busy like LEGIT.

So I went out to meet up with my henny Karl and this is how I look like

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This is totally different from my usual style. Even the colors is something I don’t wear often because I’m not fond of brown colors but hey I managed to pull it off.

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Choose Gray, Choose Love

Hello August. This is the my first OOTD for August. It’s been rainy and all this month so when I went out and it was a sunny day (a bit), I decided to wear SHORTS. Like short, shorts.

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Hello, hello! Here is another OOTD for the month of July. The second one. Weeeee! If I managed to do a 3rd one for this month, that will be nice ahahahaha.

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Black Rose

First OOTD for July and wearing black from head to toe is in for me again. Why? Because rainy season and I love it. I wore this get up when I met up with mt friend Sette <3

You can watch the vlog here:

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