Latte Bunny

Hi guys! Omg this is like super overdue but here it is!!! I want to share and recommend a shop to you all. I was looking for a wig for a certain western character and it was so difficult to find.  I asked two wig shops but both of them returned as a disappointment.

But this one did not disappoint!

I present to you Latte Bunny!


Taken from their FB Page

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Vogue Royal / Royal Cosplay

It’s been awhile since I blogged about a shop. This shop I am going to blog about is an online shop. Online shops nowadays hosted on Facebook are so prominent nowadays. I shop online for things I can’t find in the mall or department store. I usually shop for cosplay stuff online and one of things I shop for cosplay online are wigs.

On-hand wig shops are here to stay. Of course some people still prefer pre-orders. I do still pre-order in case the wig I am looking for is not in the on hand section of the wig shop. For on-hand wigs, the shop to go for me is Vogue Royal / Vogue Royal Cosplay.

11694999_1002278569806308_2789091878549113296_nLogo taken from their website 🙂

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Petite Zombie

Finally I get to blog again. It’s been a crazy October and lot of things happened. New job, Fantasy Quest blah blah blah. So to jumpstart my November, I will blog about this online shop where I currently buy my shoes (besides H&M and Forever21).


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Tiny Beaders

Hello there, here is another shop that I would love to recommend. If you are looking for custom jewelry and is crazy about gorgeous but high quality beads then what you are looking for is the Tiny Beaders.

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Kaleidascopic WigShop

Hello there. It’s been awhile. I’ve been trying to find some things to talk about here but things has pretty been mundane. Well something happened last VDay but that’s something the public I don’t wanna meddle with.

So anyway, here I am creating a RECOMMEND section. Since I buy a lot of stuff from wigs, to shoes  and to clothes online, I decided to showcase shops that I frequently buy my stuff.

First stop is Kaleidascopic Cosplay Shop

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