Coffee Stories: Percolate

Coffee Stories


Summary: How Alain fell in-love with the barista Seraf and why. In Alain Konig’s point of view.
Author’s Note: Prequel to Perfect Brew

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Coffee Stories: Perfect Brew

Coffee Stories
“Perfect Brew”

Summary: Meet Seraf, she is an average girl working in a coffee shop and a talented violinist. Meet Alain, rich guy and a music protege. Their only in common denominator? They’re both musicians. Who would thought that there’s romance brewing between the two?

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LOST Soul: Chapter Three – Kolme

Chapter Three –  Kolme
Written by: Sese Ramirez


“Here y’all listen.”

 “Hear their scream and the blood thickens.”

 “Burn they say burn. Burn you all witches.”

Credits to Google Images

The scene looks like it came from a horror movie. Blood is everywhere in the room, from the walls and on the floor and on the middle of the room is a burnt body. A burnt woman’s body to be in fact.

Officer Everett Winston looks at the scene muttering, “What the fucking hell.”

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LOST Soul: Chapter Two – Kaksi

Chapter Two – Kaksi
Written by: Sese Ramirez

“Why does it hurt so much?”

“Why am I in so much pain?”

“Am I being punished?”

She walks along the halls of the building. The smell of antibiotic and cleaning agent permits the air. To the living, it’s a smell they are not fond off. The smell of the sick and dying. For her, it’s the smell that attracts her.

A black feather lay on the palm of her hand as she walks. She closes her hand the feather disappears. So much black feathers. It seemed like less and less people are dying at peace. How she longed to see an orange or red feather. It’s been awhile.

“Lirika. You need to go now.”

“Where am I going today?” Lirika asks.

“St. Mary’s.”

The tattoo on her hand, who she calls Chicol spoke, “Isn’t that, well you know?”

“Yes. It is.” She opens her plastic umbrella and away she goes.

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LOST Soul: Chapter One – Yksi

Chapter One – Yksi
Written by: Sese Ramirez

I wish everyday that I won’t wake up.

I wish I am dead.

I wish I was never been born.

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