It’s a GOOD Trip! (Panagbenga + Black Carneval)

Yes I’m starting this blog with our group photo :)). This was taken last Feb. 21, 2014 on our bus going to Baguio for Panagbenga + Black Carneval. I am very fortunate enough to travel with these people in the photo. The whole trip was just awesomesauce.
Photos grabbed from Agito, Faye, Bri, Vesty and Jam. Some photos are mine :3

So we left Manila aroun 8:15PM Friday of Feb. 21. We arrived in Baguio around 2AM? Good friend Rui babe was there at the terminal to greet all of us. From there, we rode two taxi to our hotel: Crown Legacy Baguio.
At Crown Legacy Hotel
We were so early that we hanged around the hotel lobby for awhile because check in is around 2PM. I have to tell you, Crown Legacy has the comfiest couches EVER! I could sleep on it for the whole day and not be bothered!
Me and Faye
Credits to Agito
Waiting for sunlight
Credits to Agito
Credits to Agito
When morning came, Rui babe came and took us exploring. Let’s say crazy stuff happened as we went to Burnham Park, watched a bit of the Street Dance Festival and eventually a damn good breakfast at Azotea Greens!
Katz testing the swings
Credits to Agito
The boys, Vesty & Jam trying out these pair of swings while Bri take a video of them
Credits to Agito
Rui babe being hugged by us
Credits to Agito
Credits to Bri
Credits to Agito
Credits to Agito
Credits to Agito
Azotea Green’s interior
Credits to Agito
After this, we went back to the hotel and prepped up for the event Black Carneval :3. We did go to Baguio for this event besides experiencing Panagbenga. Me and my wonder twin Nekomi Kasai cosplayed Elsa and Anna respectively from Disney’s Frozen.
Me and Nekomi Kasai as Elsa and Anna from Frozen
Fellow Manila coser and friend Faye cosplayed Reira Serizawa. She’s such a pretty Reira. Me so proud!!
Faye Liper as Reira
Credits to Agito
Baguio friends Rui and Aj cosplayed Maleficent and Elisander (Genderbend Elsa) for this event ^^b
Honey Aj as Elisander (Genderbend Elsa)
Credits to Agito
Me and Rui babe who cosed Maleficent
When we were all ready, we had a shoot first before attending the event. LOL we were 3 hours late but come on! The hotel we were staying is also where the event will be held and damn it, the hotel is fucking perfect!
Credits to Agito
Credits to Agito
w/ the lovely Jessica Rabbit (Soleil Asalune)
Credits to Agito
Jam fixing my cape :3
Credits to Agito
We eventually attended the event and the ball dance was crazy :)) The things we have been doing had my insides hurting because I’ve been laughing so hard :)) And dancing the waltz with uber long capes? Not a great idea lol. It was hard and no wonder ball rooms’ floors are not carpeted :))

PS: Because the fabric of my cape has glitters like literally I’ve been scattering glitters all around :))

Credits to Agito
Credits to Agito
Manila cosers/friends (Pepz, Soleil and Ange)
Credits to Agito
After attending the event, we had a photoshoot again. Talk about maximizing the location man. We even have Rui’s lovable kiddies to join us. You gals are so awesome :3 and yes Jessica Rabbit was there too ^^b
Xandria as Mikoto from K Project
Credits to Agito
Ciel Nagashima as Celestia Ludenberg from Daganronpa
Credits to JamFrame
Sakura Seishin as Byakuya Togami from Danganronpa
Credits to Bri Rodelas
Fae Rie as Anna from K Project
Credits to Vesty Piedad
Soleil Asalune as Jessica Rabbit
Credits to Bri Rodelas
Rui as Maleficent
Credits to JamFrame
Me as Elsa & AJ as Elisander
Credits to Agito
Nekomi Kasai as Anna
Credits to Agito
Our shoot ended almost close to midnight? At that time, my feet are dying. Thank you 5 inch stiletto heels but damn it was worth it!
Back into the room, we had more bonding times. Let’s say mixing Skittles Lambanog and Rebel Vodka aka theMIX was a way to curse everyone in a very loving manner :3 
The next day, we pretty took our time waking up and didn’t bother to attend the parade because bejeezuz there’s like almost like 3 million (according to the news) there!!! /dies. Imagine the crowd! /dies. So we just took our time, checked out and once again went around Baguio, wreaking havoc wherever we went. It was simply lovely :3
Out first agenda was to ear lunch at PNKY Cafe :3 we met up with Rui babe there :3
Nekomi Kasai, Me and Bri
Credits to Agito
Credits to Faye
Then we went to this White Hause (haunted mind you) across PKNY. It was converted into a museum and I’ve seen one of the most claustrophobic stairs ever!! Plus it was nauseating for me since I could “see” and “feel” things. :)) 
Credits to Agito
Credits to Agito
Hi Vesty
Credits to Agito
From there we went to the Chinese Garden
Yet another group shot
Credits to Agito
Credits to Agito
Kiki is that chu?
Credits to Faye
Credits to Faye
Had an adventure at the cave there
Credits to Agito
Credits to Agito
Then off to Good Shepherd for the gang to buy pasalubong. 
Credits to Agito
For dinner we went to Zola. The place is frikking retro and awesome :)) 
Credits to Agito
My Husband’s Lover & Cameraman
YooHoo! Family!
Credits to Agito
After dinner, it’s back to the hotel to get our stuff and wait for the time for us to go home. I have to say the whole trip was frikking awesome :3, the whole gang was lots of fun. Super thanks to Rui babe and Aj honey for taking care of us, buying our Black Carneval tixs and all :3
This trip was really YOLO, FUN and filled with Frozen feels. Love you all guys! Hoping to hang out with you all again :3

Black Carneval This February

Yes, you are reading it correctly. There is this cosplay prom event going to happen in Baguio. It’s called Black Carnival. It will be on February 22 (Saturday) and it will be held in Crown Legacy Hotel Function Hall from 4PM – 10PM.
This event is brought to you by Otageki

When I learned about this, I immediately thought, Baguio… coldest place in the Philippines perfect for a certain cosplay that screams “LET IT GO” and of course just in time for Panagbenga. A couple of my friends are joining me in this YOLO adventure in Baguio. Why do it always has to be a YOLO adventure whenever I go to Baguio? LOL.
Anyway, I’m really looking forward for this event. It took a lot of pains from booking our hotel, getting bus tickets and planning whatever for this trip and I know it’s gonna be one hell of a trip! 
So what’s to look out for the event?
Magical Surprises… Red Carpet… hmmm and of course the Grand Ball Dance. I’m very intrigued.
How much is the ticket and what’s the attire?
Awesomesauce yes? I can’t really wait for Feb 22!!! To those who are going from Manila and to my friends there in Baguio see you guys and oh, a teaser of what I’m gonna wear…

Wonderful Time at Marble Wonderland Manila!

As you know last Friday, January 17, 2014 I was invited as a blogger to attend Marble Wonderland Manila! It was held at Movie Stars Cafe. Brought to you by Asia Kawaii Way and Movie Stars Cafe supported by CNPH.
Knowing it’s Marble Wonderland, I took the time to really dressed up. Nope didn’t cosplay but I did incorporate my harujuku, jfashion hat and this is the result:
Thanks to Erving Go for the photo

I’ll properly make an outfit post soon on this!

I was pretty lucky to arrive at the venue really early. I got a glimpse of some of the rehearsals before the event started.
Ms. Myrtle Sarossa rehearsing for her performance
Floor Director Mr. Luke guiding cosplayers on how to walk on stage
A few hours later, I was joined by my fellow bloggers Justine Chantelle of Dorotee Sweetlips, Ian C of ForrestPuppetBoy and Reika Amakura of Cosplay Rune
Reika, Ian and Justine
The name tag on my seat :3
The event has reserved seats for invited bloggers, for the people in the Japanese Fashion and Cosplay community and of course the guest lists. 
I have to say, despite the price of the ticket, the whole venue was jam packed. It was a full house!
The event was supposed to open up at 4PM but for some reason there were some delays in letting the people in. I am not quite sure if the event started on time but I’ve been hearing some of the people outside complaining a bit on why the venue opened up late when on the poster it says, it opens at 4PM. Well it’s normal for events to have some problems like this so I am not surprised really. Then again for someone who is already queuing as early as 3PM, I kind of get the feeling.
The kickstart of the event was the collaborative performance of Miume, 217 and Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao
Her kimono ensemble is really gorgeous
See what I mean?
Miume, 217 & Alodia along with host Rhianna from Animax
One of the major highlights of the event was the Alodia’s Sister Competition. The one who will be chosen will get to win smacking Php. 50,000!
Here are some of my personal favorites who joined the competition :3
Kim Mina: Love this girl, she is so pretty and very hyper!
Rachelle Redecio: Love the concept of her dress. She dressed up as a genderbend of Edward Elric and the whole ensemble is just too cute!
Lou Angeline: Damn this girl has some vocal powers. Wish I could sing as well as her :3
Jia: She was so hyper on stage and really quirky :3
Those who bought the Php. 777 ticket, you are entitled to have free packed meal and unlimited drinks. As an invited blogger I too was blessed with the same privilege.
The packed meal is really a treat. I mean wow look at that. I was really full after eating all of that. I did enjoy the food and of course who doesn’t like unlimited drinks?
Goodies were also sold inside the event. Like wigs from Prisila, Dolly Wink eyelashes and cool and awesome contact lenses.
I really wanted to buy contact lenses that day however, these are non-graded and I use graded contact lenses. And those eyelashes are a big temptation. These things are a must for a cosplayer like me but a part of me says, “You have too many eyelashes already so don’t”. /sigh. 
Anyway, back to the program, after the Alodia Sister’s contest, comes in the special performance from renowned cosers here in the Philippines. Below is a video of Ms. Kristell Lim, Ms. Jia Gold Bustamante and Mimi Mon‘s performance.
After that awesome performance from these lovely coser, Ms. Myrtle Sarossa performed on stage singing Scramble from School Rumble and Sobakasu from Rurouni Kenshin. Her outfit is really adorable and cute.
Of course Miume and 217 graced the stage once more for another performance. Incredible dancers and performers they are. 
After that amazing performance, the winners for Alodia’s Sister was announced. There were 3 runners-up who each won Php. 10,000 and the grand winner who won Php. 50, 000
Congratulations to…
Photo grabbed from CNPH
To Kim Mina, Lou Angeline and Kahreen Evangelista for being the 3 runner-ups
and to Ms. Rachelle Redecio for being the grand winner.
So that concluded the event! Hopefully next Marble Wonderland (if there would be), we would have the fashion show already and hopefully next time it would be bigger!
I had a blast attending the event and thank you to CNPH for inviting me to blog about the event, also thank you to the wonderful organizers for bringing Marble Wonderland here and for the freebies that it is really love!
Also shout out to Paolo Panganiban Photography! Thanks for letting me use your photos for the event in this blog mwuah!

See You at Marble Wonderland

Hello there guys. Guess what’s gonna happen this coming Friday? Yes this January 17, 2014. No idea yet? Well, this coming Friday is Marble Wonderland. This event is brought to you by Asia Kawaii Way in cooperation with Movie Stars Cafe supported by Cosplay Network of the Philippines.

Finally this fashion show filled with cuteness and brings the “kawaii” in you is here in Manila! It will be held in Movie Stars Cafe, Seaside Blvd. SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Gate opens at 4PM but the show starts at 6PM.

The main model of the event is none other than Alodia Gosiengfiao. She has modeled for Marble Wonderland last Anime Asia Festival 2013. 
Special guests 217 and Miume will be performing in the event. 
They’re the hottest dance group in Nico Nico Douga. Here’s a sample of their dance AFA 2013

To get a further idea what is Marble Wonderland here’s a video. Feast your eyes in utter cuteness!

Those who are into Japanese Fashion will definitely see this show as a treat and you would probably get wonderful ideas that will spark the kawaii in you.

Ticket Price 
Php. 777
Entrance Fee + Packed Meal + All You Can Drink! + PHP600.00 worth of “KAWAII” Culture Souvenir.
Note: Souveniers are given randomly.
• Nail Extensions | Nail Art Design Accessories | Facial Face Mask 
Wigs by “Prisila” | Pinky Ring
Php. 333
Entrance Fee + All You Can Drink! + Souvenirs (No Packed Meal!)

Children from 9 years old and below are FREE OF CHARGE! Exclusive of Food and Souvenirs

For ticket reservation:
See you there!

Mania Feels! (Cosplaymania 2013)

Ugh sorry for the delayed post on this. Life caught up with me. Getting reinstated back to grad school and new work and all. oTL. But anyway, here is it my blog on my adventures in Cosplaymania 2013. I have to say, this is like my super laid back Cosplaymania. Hahaha. I was not rushing for a meet and greet or rushing to finish a costume. Why? Because I decided to recycle two of my most favorite cosplays to date. 
Before I go into my cosplays, I was also very excited for Cosplaymania 2013 because I get to see my Mahal Vio again <3 I can’t get enought of this girl. Also Reiko, Vic, Jesuke (though at the end of Cosplaymania, I was not able to see Jesuke ;A;) and of course Nik! Osm MoeNik who can look moer than me :))

Also, I get to bond with my Baguio peepz! I bunked in with Rui, Aj and Shan Li in Boulevard Mansions for the event. I wanted to support them since they joined the Group Cosplay Competition. I’m no Utapri Fans but these people are special friends whom I met last Cosplaymania for the very first time. I share so much feels with these people ^^
Sorry I don’t have much selfies because my Tab at the moment died on me oTL (It’s fixed now btw). Also I get to cosplay with my friend from Davao! Dear Trixs Beat was my Synchronicity Rin during Day 1. Day 2 I cosed with Bossu Giorno! You got that right, I cosplay Guido Mista again and Kai cosplayed Giorno Giovanni again and we composed of the surviving members of Passione. Lol. Dru also cosplayed a JBA character but from a different Arc. What can I say? SHIIIIZZZAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Anyway photospam of my and Trix’s cosplay during Day 1
Super thanks to Paolo Panganiban, Alain Rafer, Jrjsiaron, ClintzMeji and Macky for the osm dramu photos of me and Trixs <3
Now photospam of me and Kai of our JBA Vento Auro cosplay ~~
Thanks to Paolo Panganiban, Brianna I mean Bri Rodelas and  ヨエコ でございます for the photos!
So basically that summed up my cosplay during Cosplaymania 2013. Lolol so many herpderps and lulzy moment (YES ATOM I KNOW YOU TROLLED ME I WILL NEVER LIVE THAT DOWN) and yes screaming my head off to Kaname’s commentary during TORCH that screamed BL YO! Lol and yes I lost my voice partially because I cheered for Rui, Shan and Aj’s group during the Group Cosplay Competition. 
Also met new friends who all came from Singapore. Thanks to Mahal Vio for introducing them to us 🙂 To Ashley, Yuuiki, Zeneithh, Sugee & Katherine thank you and nice meeting you all! 
To Ces Ikumi, I finally met you! Kat Carpio babe, I finally saw you again after I don’t know how many years! Kev THE CURSE OF FALLING PHONE HAS FINALLY LIFTED!!! And yes Aru Jei congrats my friend from the land of Oz, you finally got in the Cosnaps and you landed in the Top 20! Congrats to first timers Jam and James Ryan too! YOU OSM FEEPLES!
So anyway, I end this short and and nothing but a spazztic blog with heartful thanks to all of those I’ve met, hanged out with and exchanged coscards with. I love you guys but they’re like tons of you to mention here. You know who you are mwuah!
Until next COSPLAYMANIA ^^b