APCC 2017 (SATURDAY) – Wendy’s Adventure

I’m back with my 2nd Asia Pop Comic Con 2017. This time, it’s the 2nd day where I cosplayed as Wendy. Yup, you read it correctly. I cosplayed as the popular red-head girl mascot of an American restaurant.


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APCC 2017 (FRIDAY) – Slayage Queens

OH HAI THERE PEOPLE! It’s September and my August ended in a blast (despite having an anxiety attack because reasons). The reason why August ended so great is because of Asia Pop Comic Con 2017.

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Tagaytay – Sky Ranch / Hotel Kimberly

Good day! I am back for another travel blog. Last time, I went to Sagada, this time I went to Tagaytay with my family. My older sister working in Singapore went home with her husband to celebrate my niece’s birthday. It’s actually a pre-birthday celebration.

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From Sagada, with LOVE

Yes, yes, YESSSSSS I’ve never one to do travel blog because I suck at it. I don’t take beautiful scenery pictures. Selfies yes but that’s not the point right??? Ahahahaa This is why I am forever grateful for vlogging. I just take tons of videos, edit them and BOOM SHAKALAH, I show you my travels.

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Ready for APCC 2016?


Taken from APCC’s FB

Asia Pop Comic Con’s arrival to the geek convention scene in the Philippines was a game changer. It introduces perks that most of us here hasn’t seen and experienced yet in a convention like meeting a popular Hollywood actors and actresses (with an extra fee but damn that was worth it), being able to meet awesome popular cosplayers abroad with not a lot of restrictions (there are restrictions but you get the idea), awesome exhibits and booths that made you OH WOW and a lot more.

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