Read Out Loud Challenge – Compilation II

I am so delayed with this but here is the second compilation of my Read Out Loud Challenge for National Bookstore.

It’s not as long as the first video. If you are confused and wondering what this is all about, I suggest you click HERE to KNOW MORE.

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Reading Out Loud Challenge (Compilation I)

Hello, hello there! I am here to talk about the Read Out Loud Challenge by National Book Store (aka NBS) here in the Philippines. It’s a pretty interesting challenge. None like no other. I’ve been doing this challenge for some time now.

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The Eco Brick Project

Hi guys! I wanna share to you this pro-environment project I am currently doing right now. My friend Nico Nico Little Star encouraged me to do it and I was right onto it.

As you may know, there are a lot of non-biodegradable materials out there. For those who don’t know what non-biodegradable means….

The term nonbiodegradable describes substances that do not break down to a natural, environmentally safe condition over time by biological processes. In other words, nonbiodegradable materials do not decay.

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Fade into Obscurity

Weeks ago, I deactivated my main Facebook account. It was sudden and I became quiet. Like I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t respond to people quickly to their queries why I did it. To be honest I was tempted not to reply at all. I was tempted not to speak at all. I was at that point that I just want to disappear from people.

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Ito Kami

When you see pictures of me like that, I know that you think I’m weird. Well, I’m an adult who dresses up as fictional characters. Of course I am weird.

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